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16 Jan 2015
NEW PRODUCT: Animal Wall Pocket

We introduce to you our latest product, "Animal Wall Pocket"!

There are 3 different wild animals to choose from - Hippo, Shark and Crocodile.
You can store all sorts of little things in these animals' beastly mouthes!

Animal Wall Pocket is about A6 in size (8cm × 14cm),
which makes it perfect for those who don't have much wall space. There are magnets on the back of animal wall pocket, so you can easily attach it onto your fridge, metal doors, etc. The animals can hold up to 200g of stuff in their mighty jaws! Hang up your neckties, belts or other accessories easily! Holds onto your aircon or TV remote, which always seems so hard to find when you need it. Keeps your watches as well. (Doesn't this remind you of Peter Pan?) Perfect for storing all your little accessories and jewellery.
You can use their teeth as hooks! Why not try lining all three animals up?
And how about assigning each animal for separate use, and for different people?
For example, one animal can hold your things, while another animal holds up things for your siblings or roommate. Makes for a cute idea for those who share their rooms with other people. This is what the animals look like from the front angle.
Their big jaws and mighty teeth look quite real, don't they?
Depending on the animal, the size of the mouth, teeth can differ a bit.
(For your information: Hippo > Crocodile > Shark in terms of mouth size) Even though it's just an interior piece, it looks like it could bite down at anytime...
(But of course, it won't. So rest assured!)

Take one of these animals home with you today and bring some thrill to your living space!

Animal Wall Pocket is avaliable at our online store:
Dreams Online Shop >>

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