Corporate Philosophy

We want to surprise the world with objects and situations shaped by great ideas and designs!

We want to bring pleasure and healing to people.

Management Policy

1. Everything we do must be unique
・Each designer must set standards for their work.
・Existing market rules and methods should be questioned.
・Using their ingenuity, each team member should strive to exemplify Dreams Inc.

2. We should be cool
・Do not create boring objects, ordinary products, or solutions that can be reached with other items. Are you enjoying yourself? Are you trying?
・You should be a person you can admire and respect.

3.We should get the best results with the fewest resources
・Inexpensive items, a modest number of people, and a small company can change the world.

4.We aim for more than the best
・We should always try to exceed customer expectations in planning, design, quality, and service..


添谷 徹

I love seeing people's surprised faces, and it's no exaggeration to say that I do this job for that. If we can deliver "joy" and "healing" beyond this, I couldn't be happier.

In the markets in which we compete, product function is a critical element, but the items we make are mostly of no “use”; each has little or no functionality. For some company owners, this might be difficult and troublesome, but we work with our original ideas and designs and must stay true to our mission. Since we do not license characters or use designs from others, we have the freedom to create. Our goal is to "heal your mind" through design and that this healing is something you can sense as soon as you see our products.

Today, technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are pervasive in society and in the economy, driving consumption. Despite this, we create products in an analog way. We will continue to pursue new concepts to provide healing to everyone and when that happens, we will surely also be healed.

<For those who are considering working at Dreams>
My hope is that all of our staff is self-motivated. Those who wait for instructions might not be good fit either for us or you. Creativity is necessary in every job at Dreams. We look forward to receiving applications from those who want to challenge their intellect.

添谷 徹