Freshly baked bread-shaped animals come home from the bakery with you♪ New Release:『ANIMAL BAKERY MINI FIGURE』


“It looks like bread, but it is really a friendly animal!”
The sweet ANIMAL BAKERY figures, born in a mysterious bakery, are waiting for you.

The golden-brown texture of the bread animals is so detailed you may want to eat them! The cute design seems to be filled with a sweet scent.

The lineup includes 6 kinds + 1 secret. Available with blind box packaging, which means you don't know what's inside until you open the box.
You won’t be able to wait until you open it to see which figure you'll meet♪


The PANDA is leisurely observing the customers.
Maybe you will catch them sneaking around the bakery!

It's perfectly baked to look fluffy and soft, just like a cloud.
SHEEP has a deliciously sweet smile and crispy horns.

The grilled texture of the body resembles a Japanese melonpan sweetbun.
ELEPHANT secretly listens to customers' conversations with their big ears.

CAT is very curious and baked perfectly golden.
It looks like he's secretly looking for some fish bread to snack on.

DOG is a proud Shiba Inu of golden-brown texture.
It runs away from the bakery with all the leftover treats!

RABBIT is always accompanied by their favorite food, carrot bread.
The cute ears and full cheeks make customers fall in love with RABBIT at first sight!


Price:770 yen including tax (700 yen excluding tax)
Kinds:6 kinds+1 secret
*This is a blind package so you don't know which figure you will get!
Product size:Approx. W31~62×H43~56×D44~64/mm
Package size:Approx. W60×H90×D50/mm
Assort Box size:Approx. W185×H95×D105/mm
*Product size and weight vary depending on the type of figure.
*Please note : Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.