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Soap Tablet

Pocket-sized tablets of natural vegan soap

Easy to carry, so take it with you everywhere - on car trips, hikes and rides, camping, etc.
Soap is made from all-natural vegetable materials that is friendly to the environment and to your skin.
Each pocket-sized box holds 15 soap tablets.


Each tablet provides enough lather to wash your face and hands.

Soap is made from all-natural ingredients.


Soap Tablet Pink/Rose
Pink / Rose
Rose Scent
Soap Tablet Blue/Original
Blue / Original
Regular Soap Scent
Soap Tablet Yellow/Citrus
Yellow / Citrus
Citrus Scent


Approx. W12 × H12 × D3 /mm
Palm fatty acid - Na, palm kernel fatty acid - Na, BHT, glycerin, dimethicone, sorbitol, fragrance(+/-), red 227, yellow 4
Approx.0.3g per tablet (15 tablets in 1 case)
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